Rehabilitation Services

Our Rehabilitation Therapy services include assessing your home environment for safety, as well as providing expert rehabilitative therapy for a variety of medical needs. Specifically, we offer:

Physical Therapy

McLean Home Care’s licensed physical therapists (PTs) enjoy helping you get back on your feet and recover strength in your own home after surgery, injury or medical illness. All of our therapists are college-educated and receive regular direction from a therapist at the doctorate level. They possess the training and experience to work with people who need in-home therapy for a variety of diagnoses, including heart failure, COPD, diabetes, musculoskeletal injuries, post-surgical rehab, total joint replacements, neurological concerns, balance training and fall prevention.

Physical therapy focuses on improving mobility, optimizing function, reducing pain, restoring balance and posture and developing strength and stamina. All PT services are performed under the direction of a physical therapist and may consist of manual treatments, physical modalities, and therapeutic exercises or activities and more.

As with our other therapy modalities, McLean provides highly individualized physical therapy plans and services for our clients. Each patient receives a one-on-one initial evaluation followed by personalized treatment sessions designed to optimize the specific goals of the therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Our licensed occupational therapists (OTs) assist you with upper extremity conditions, as well as activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and home adaptations. The OT’s expertise also includes cognitive evaluation for patients with memory loss.

Occupational therapy (OT) is highly focused on fine motor skills, such as grooming, dressing, writing and more. All therapy is performed under the direction of an occupational therapist and may consist of manual treatments, physical modalities and therapeutic exercises or activities.

McLean provides highly personalized occupational therapy services. Each client receives a thorough one-on-one initial evaluation, followed by a personalized treatment plan and therapy sessions designed to target the specific goals of the therapy. Our OTs provide you with all of the tools required to optimize your capabilities within your home environment.

Speech Therapy

McLean speech therapists evaluate problems with swallowing or speech and develop a program to help you improve. They have extensive education and skills to help patients recover from conditions affecting speech and swallowing, such as stroke, surgery and brain injury.

Speech therapy, or speech language pathology, involves the treatment of speech and language disorders. A speech-language pathologist (SLP), also known as a speech therapist, specializes in the assessment, treatment and prevention of communication disorders and provides education and counseling services.

Our speech therapists provide individualized speech therapy services for each client in the comfort of their homes. Each client receives individualized speech therapy that is designed to improve his or her specific communication deficits. These may include disorders of articulation, voice, swallowing and oral structure and function.