Care Consultants

McLean has very experienced, licensed professionals, called Care Consultants, to help seniors live as independently and safely as possible with dignity and optimal quality of life.

Families living near or far may not know what to do for a loved one challenged by changes in health, function, or memory.

McLean Care Consultants also help active retirees develop wellness plans to preserve independence and plan proactively for future needs.

What Exactly Does the Care Consultant Do?

A McLean, the Care Consultant is fully focused on you and your family’s specific needs, questions and concerns. We offer a full range of care consultation services from a telephone call to discuss your concerns, to a visit to the home to provide a comprehensive assessment of strengths and needs, care plan and service arrangement.

The Care Consultant can help you prepare a plan of care. The plan will be based on your individual preferences. The Care Consultant can also monitor and reassess care. A representative will help you choose the right solutions for your needs and offer cost-conscious recommendations.

This can be a short-term or long-term arrangement. A Care Consultant can advocate for a client before, during and after a hospitalization, a nursing home stay or short-term home health care services. As healthcare professionals, Care Consultants often recognize the need for a variety of helpful services long before the client or family does. A Care Consultant encourages healthy behaviors and ways to best manage chronic health conditions to avoid hospital stays.

Do Care Consultants Talk with My Physician and Other Care Providers?

With your permission, the McLean Care Consultant regularly communicates with your physician and other care providers on your team, sharing your needs, plans, and wishes. No physician order is needed to receive McLean Care Consultant services.

Does Insurance Pay for Care Consultant Services?

McLean Care Consultant services are not currently reimbursed under Medicare, Medicaid or private health insurance. Clients or families pay McLean for the Care Consultant services. Some long-term care insurances may have benefits for Care Consultants (also called care managers or patient advocates).

After your inquiry, an initial plan for the consultation will be presented to you with the services to be provided and the cost.

How Do I Get Started?

You or your family member should call McLean Home Care at 860-658-3954. The intake professional will ask a few questions about your situation. She or a Care Consultant will return your call within one business day with proposed next steps.