Hospice Care - The One Choice That Changes the Journey

Hospice is holistic care for individuals making life’s final journey. When we realize that life is limited, in spite of the best medical interventions and treatments, we can choose to focus care on comfort and enhancement of the quality of life. The goal of comfort-focused care is to give the best living possible with whatever time remains. Even when cure is not, comfort is possible and Hospice care specializes in the provision of extraordinary, comfort-focused care.

Hospice is a family-centered concept of care that provides comfort, support and education for patients and their families. Hospice is NOT a place but is a philosophy of care that recognizes that the final life journey is as important as the beginning of our life’s journey.

The One Hospice Provider 100% Would Recommend to Others: McLean

Whether a loved one lives at home, in an assisted living center or a nursing home, McLean Hospice Care is dedicated to improving comfort and helping patients live as fully as possible. Our goal is to support both patients and families as they journey through end-of-life, ensuring satisfying days, fear-free nights and the richness of time together.

Our Team

McLean Hospice Care prides itself on creating order out of chaos and reducing fear, so that your hopes, whether they be for freedom from pain, resolution of conflicts or creation of good memories, may be realized.

We exist in the hope and belief that, through appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community sensitive to their needs, patients and families can attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for life’s end that is satisfactory to them. A majority of staff is either board-certified or Master’s prepared.

Person-Centered Care

Our caregivers enhance our patients’ lives and provide support by developing personalized care plans, encouraging choices and supporting fulfilling experiences. They also manage our patients’ pain and symptoms, while enabling them to live as comfortably and peacefully as possible. Our social workers and spiritual counselors create a warm, comforting environment in which patients and families are able to share joys, fears, thoughts, hopes and concerns during their end-of-life journey.

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