McLean, in conjunction with area hospitals, developed a very special Living with Heart Failure Program which utilizes the best practices in the field.  The goal of the program is to prevent patients with “tired hearts” from having to go to the hospital.

One measure of how successful the McLean Heart Program has been is that McLean Home Care again this year has the lowest hospital admissions rate of any area VNA. The McLean Home Care hospitalization rate is 30% lower than the state average for home care indicated by the data just released by Medicare.

Heart failure has many causes and can evolve in different ways. It can be a direct result of heart damage from several types of heart or circulation diseases or it can occur over time as the heart tries to compensate for abnormalities such as high blood pressure. Heart failure is diagnosed when there is an ineffective or weaker pumping action of the heart. The weaker pumping action of the heart means that less blood is sent to the kidneys. The kidneys respond by retaining water and salt. This in turn increases edema (fluid buildup) in the body, which causes widespread damage.

McLean is proud to be part of the award winning Qualidigm Heart Health Project designed to keep patients better and reduce hospital re-admissions of patients with “tired hearts” or chronic heart failure.

Please click this link for the Qualidigm Heart Talk Video Series for practitioners, patients and their caregivers.

McLean Home Care & Hospice has been honored for the third time by HomeCare Elite as one of the top agencies in the nation. But in 2011 the recognition is even more prestigious as McLean is one of the top 500 agencies in the nation. Only five VNAs in Connecticut made this elite group and McLean is the only one serving Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Granby and East Granby to be in the top 500. The HomeCare Elite™ is the compilation of the most successful home care providers in the United States. Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the awards by OCS HomeCare and DecisionHealth, this market-leading review names the top 25 percent of agencies in quality of care, quality improvement, and financial performance.

McLean Home Care was proud to announce being named
April Agency of the Month for its consistently low acute
hospitalization rates that place the agency in the top 90th
percentile nationally.

“Last year I didn’t think I’d make it.” After two hospitalizations and two stays in rehabilitation centers for heart and lung problems, Canton resident, Marie Ackley, came home with the help of McLean Home Care.  Nicki Tubach, RN felt that Marie would be perfect for McLean’s new “Living with Heart Failure Program,” which provides education and life-skills to those with congestive hear failure - allowing for more comfortable living.

Pat Adams, Administrator of McLean Home Care & Hospice proudly released the latest Medicare visiting nurse quality data showing that McLean's home health patients continue to have a very low rate of hospitalization of 20% compared to the 31% CT average. In April 2011 the agency's low hospitalization rate won McLean the national Quality Agency of the Month award by the Medicare- approved Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign (HHQI).