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The One Team Area Residents Recommend Most

The McLean Care Team

Our team provides the best possible care with a high degree of professionalism and compassion. We utilize the most current best practices and technology.

All staff members are experienced in the home health care setting and receive regular education on best practices in home health care. Additionally, they meet continuing education requirements, undergo a criminal background check and maintain CPR certification. These high standards enable us to understand the needs and concerns that arise in the home health care setting and assist you or your loved one with exceptional care and service.

Our home health care team is dedicated to achieving you or your loved one’s best care outcomes, promoting independence and helping you or your loved one avoid hospitalizations.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:

Registered Nurses

All of our nurses who visit you are registered nurses (RNs) who are experienced in the home care setting. McLean RNs are well trained with the most current skills to accurately assess your needs, communicate with your physician and help you recover from chronic conditions such as heart failure, chronic lung conditions, wounds and diabetes.

Physical Therapists

Our licensed PTs love helping you get back on your feet and recover strength in your own home after surgery, injury or medical illness. All of our therapists are college educated and receive regular direction from a doctorate level therapist.

Occupational Therapists

Our licensed OTs assist you with upper extremity conditions, as well as activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and home adaptations. OT expertise includes cognitive evaluation for patients with memory loss.

Speech Language Pathologists (Speech Therapists)

Our speech therapists have extensive education and skills to help patients recover from conditions affecting speech and swallowing, such as stroke, surgery and brain injury.

Social Workers

Our medical social workers are all licensed and have Master's degrees to provide you and your family caregivers with expert emotional support and access to various community resources tailored to your needs.

Home Health Aides

McLean home health aides are all certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) who are regularly trained and supervised to assist with personal care, exercises and light house chores. Our aides are under the supervision of the RN or physical therapist overseeing your plan of care. McLean aides are carefully trained to quickly report changes in your condition to our supervisors. Nurse’s aide services are provided along with skilled services of the nurses and therapists, if there is a need.

Support Team

McLean’s team of intake staff, schedulers, billers and supply specialists are well trained in customer service skills and telephone triage to ensure that when you call, you speak with a “live” person and your needs are rapidly and satisfactorily addressed.

Quality Staff

Our clinical directors, supervisors and quality staff support McLean’s field clinicians every day to ensure rapid communications when concerns arise. They focus on continually improving overall quality of care to help you or your loved one achieve your best possible health and function.

Field Staff

All of our staff are computer savvy in order to maintain your electronic health records confidentially and efficiently. All clinicians use laptops in the home to access a state-of-the-art clinical system to accurately document your plan of care and the skilled services provided.

On-Call Registered Nurses

We ensure you 24/7 coverage by our RNs in case of unexpected changes in your health needs that require a phone consultation or visit assistance.