University of Saint Joseph Nursing Students Complete Their Rotation at McLean


University of Saint Joseph Nursing Students

University of Saint Joseph students gather after completing their clinical rotation at McLean.  (Shown left to right) Roseanne Meyers, Kathryn Pachocki, Sara Vaccari and Victoria Alcover. (Shown front) Clinical Instructor, Kathryn D. Roby, BSN, MS, MA.

Senior nursing students from the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, recently completed their final fourteen week clinical rotation before their graduation at McLean. Their instructor, Kathryn D. Roby, BSN, MS, MA said that “their experience at McLean was excellent! The students found the staff to be very welcoming and enjoyed seeing the wide range of services that McLean’s continuum provides. They really learned a lot.” As their rotation was “Community Health Nursing with At Risk Populations,” the students spent half of their time with McLean’s Home Care staff, and the other half with its Hospice staff.

At last week’s farewell party at McLean, the students voiced their feelings about their experience at McLean…” The staff was so welcoming and kind to the students, and they allowed us to actually take part in patient care – not just observe. Being here was a great experience!”  And, as for the staff at McLean, it was equally a joy for them to work with such a dedicated group of future nurses.