McLean Hospice Honors Volunteers

On April 9th, McLean Hospice took the opportunity to honor the volunteers who provided extraordinary services in fiscal year 2012.  The date was selected to align with National Volunteer Recognition Month.  The theme of the evening was “You Make a Difference!”  

The McLean Hospice 2012 Volunteer of the Year Patricia Joy of Granby is congratulated by Lori Scudder, Volunteer CoordinatorThe McLean Hospice 2012 Volunteer of the Year is Patricia Joy of Granby. The McLean Hospice 2012 Administrative Volunteer of the Year is Gail Kostruba of The McLean Hospice 2012 Administrative Volunteer of the Year Gail Kostruba of Granby with Lori Scudder.Granby. These volunteers were selected by the McLean Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Lori Scudder, and the Recognition Committee comprised of previous Volunteer of the Year winners Jerri Pease, Wendy John, Taffy Wilcox, Lucian Cascio and Sylvia Peterson.  

Wilcox explained how hard the selection process was with so many eligible and qualified volunteers, so they added a new award The Ever Ready, Willing, and Able AwardThe recipients were Deborah Carey and Stoddard Reynolds of Simsbury, The McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing, and Able Award 2012 recipient Stoddard Reynolds of Simsbury with committee member Taffy Wilcox.and Stan Walczewski of Granby. The McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing, and Able Award 2012 recipients Stan Walczewski of Granby with committee member Taffy Wilcox. 

Committee member Tammy Wilcox congratulates Deb Carey of Simsbury who received a McLean Hospice Ever Ready, Willing and Able Award.



Scudder  thanked program committee chairs for their leadership with special projects:  Bake Sale Chair, Wendy John; Shawls Chair, Marilee Porter; Flowers,  Kathy Mock; Vigil Readings, Deb Carey; Holiday Project, Taffy Wilcox; and Latimer Lane Student Volunteer Coordinators, Meghan Lucker and Deb Thibodeau.  

You Make a Difference Award Certificates for over 100 hours of service were presented to Barbara Ault o and Betsey Kenna of Farmington; PK Allen, Linda Arnold, Deborah Carey, Meghan Lucker, Jerri Pease, Sylvia Peterson,  Louise Polistena – D’Agosto, and Stoddard Reynolds of Simsbury; Shelley Cassky, E. Hartland; Leslie Dehey, Collinsville; Kim Doan, Barkhamsted;  Lucian Cascio, Pat Joy, Gail Kostruba, George Lynch, and Stan Walczewski of Granby; Linda Pereira and Marilee Porter of W. Granby; Kathy Mock and Kathy Tousssaint of N. Granby; Judy Pinney of W. Hartford; Susan Butler and Taffy Wilcox of Avon; and Stephen Shumsky, formerly of Bloomfield.

Two-year Hospice pins were presented  to Jennifer Bordiere, Betsey Kenna and Linda Kime of Farmington; Gerard Buffo, Ginny Garrett, and Jessie Kingston  of Simsbury; Susan Butler and Jan Malyak of Avon; George Lynch and Linda Pereira of Granby; Ann Nichols of W. Hartford; and Stephen Shumsky, formerly of Bloomfield.

Scudder thanked the 52 McLean Hospice volunteers in attendance of the 85 in the program. “You are caring, committed, compassionate, and provide positive unconditional respect for patients and families.  You always answer the call for assistance whether for patient care, event support, administrative program needs or fundraising.  The whole McLean Hospice team appreciates the way volunteers ease the burdens of the final journey of McLean patients, families and caregivers, as well as support the Hospice professional team in so many ways.”

Patricia Adams, Administrator of McLean Home Care & Hospice, reported “In FY 2012, McLean Hospice Volunteers volunteered 3,591 hours in direct patient/family care and 2,581 in administrative services and continuing education.  Your personal qualities, generosity and giving natures were priceless, but one can estimate that these hours equate to a value over $181,011! You provide comfort and enhanced quality of life by your presence, afford solace and respite, add resources that enhance overall services, and most important, you bring humanity to the patient and families during the end of life journey. Your contributions of time, presence and socialization contribute to the high satisfaction of our families.  It is very gratifying to read the many thank you notes McLean Hospice receives that speak about our wonderful volunteers.”

McLean Hospice cares for patients in the Farmington Valley through Bloomfield, Windsor, West Hartford, and Bristol.   To learn more visit or call 860-658-3950.