McLean Home Care and Hospice Achieves Highest Patient Satisfaction Score

The McLean Home Care & Hospice team receives praise and daffodils for their outstanding patient satisfaction scores.Patricia Adams RN MPH, Administrator of McLean Home Care & Hospice, announced that 91% of home care patients and Hospice families would recommend the agency to friends and family. McLean scored highest in this Medicare patient survey item compared to other area visiting nurse agencies, and several scored below the 79% national average and 80% state average.

91% of McLean Hospice families also would recommend the agency to friends and family. Medicare does not require Hospice patient surveys at this time, but McLean Hospice utilizes SHP to survey Hospice family member’s measure satisfaction. 

Ms. Adams attributes this success to very experienced employees who appreciate the McLean culture of excellence and friendliness in a mid-sized agency. “All McLean Home Care & Hospice staff are McLean employees, not from a pool, assuring that all clinicians are well trained and committed to McLean’s excellent care outcomes. Nurses and other professionals have manageable caseloads. This translates into more ‘face time” with patients at home, as well as timely visits, proactive help, and effective contacts between visits to prevent emergent care or hospitalizations.”

McLean is a not-for-profit, Medicare certified, CHAP accredited home healthcare agency serving the Farmington Valley through Bloomfield, Windsor and West Hartford plus greater Bristol. The team has developed staff expertise and specialized programs for patients learning to manage with heart failure, COPD, telemonitoring, joint replacements, dementia, and palliative care needs.

Ms. Adams believes that the outstanding Hospice family satisfaction is directly related to the Hospice team’s level of expertise that sets it apart from other programs in the area. Several McLean Hospice RNs are Board Certified Palliative Care and Hospice Nurses, and both medical social workers and spiritual counselors are Master’s prepared professionals. McLean Hospice Medical Director Dr. Kevin Baran has great passion for excellence in palliative care, offering a wealth of knowledge to the team and local physicians. More than 65 McLean trained Hospice volunteers provide many hours of comfort, visits and provide assistance such as running errands, pet therapy, Reiki, and more.   

Visit the Medicare web site and enter a local zip code to compare patient survey results and other quality data for agencies.  Patients have the right to choose their Medicare certified home health or Hospice agency by telling their discharger planner and/or doctor the agency name.

For more details on the patient satisfaction scores or to learn more about home care, call 860-658-3954.